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Tank Vs. Oliveira

Tank Dempsey: Brutal War Hero and Marine, who slaughter enemy soldiers by the dozen and zombies by the waves.

Carlos Oliveira: the witty but strong willed mercenary who survived through the nation wide pandemic.


Tank Dempsey:
Age- 36
Height- 6'2''
Weight- 180 lb.
Game- CoD: Nazi Zombies

Carlos Oliveira:
Age- 21
Height- 6'0''
Weight- 183 lb.
Game- Resident Evil

Tank will teach Carlos a little lesson with:
Bowie Knife (Short Range)
Predator Commando (Mid Range)
Barracuda FU-A11 MG42(Long Range)
Stick Grenade (Exposive)
Zeus Cannon (Special)

While Carlos will return the favor with:
Combat Knife (Short Range)
MP5 (Mid Range)
FN Minimi (Long Range)
Hand Grenade (Explosive)
M202A1 FLASH (Special)

Here to stand for the Marine war hero: Nickolai Belinski. An unconventional ally, Nickoli has been through the same Hell as Dempsey to survive the endless hordes of the undead.

"Tank Dempsey: American hero. Hand him a loaded weapon, a good woman, and something to shoot at and he is happy. Enrage him and he will rip your guts out and use them as a bandolier."

Representing Carlos Oliveira. Former S.T.A.R. mercenary and season one winner: Jill Valentine. After the zombie outbreak within the United States, Jill worked with Carlos to survive the zombie hordes.

"I don't think there is anyway that Tank Dempsey can beat Carlos. Carlos has more modern weapons, he's more clever and has faced tougher enemies. He's a mercenary who has worked with the S.T.A.R.S."

M60RPD- The biggest X-Factor that might be intelligence or Battle Field Experience. There will be a small zombie horde as a 'minor' obstacle in their battle.

Expert 1: My edge goes to Carlos, He's smarter, well-armed and has slain tougher undead than Tank ever has.

Expert 2: My edge goes to Tank, He has better weapons, he has been to war, so he has greater experience.

1. For Short Range, we pit the Bowie Knife against the Combat Knife.

On a single Jell-Torso- The Bowie Knife slit the throat, cut open the stomach, stabbed the heart and impaled the skull.

On a separate Jell Torso- The Combat Knife unleashed a series of slices across the abdomen, slit the neck, and delivered several stabs in different areas.

Expert- The Bowie Knife is bigger and has quite the intimidation factor to it. Edge, Bowie Knife.

Edge: Bowie Knife

2. For Mid Range, The MP5 will try to out class the Predator Commando.
Head-to-Head- the combatants will shoot at three targets moving targets placed at 50 yards away that will simulate the scenario of an attack. the simulated terrain will differ for both attackers. Both will get three mags.

On a simulated cityscape- Nickolai took aim with the Predator Commando and began firing in small bursts for the first mag, slight larger bursts for the second mag and full auto on the third mag. He managed to achieve three instant kills on each target.

On a simulated warzone- .

Expert- The MP5 may be more concealable and a little more portable. It's a little more practical than the Predator but it doesn't possess the same range or accuracy as the Predator. Edge, Predator Commando

Edge: Predator Commando

3. For long range, a head-to-head battle between two lead-spitting messengers of death.
Head-to-Head- the combatants will shoot down two moving targets on a pulley. Next, they will run through the zombie horde while trying to hit the static targets to their left and right. They will finish off by gunning down the three remaining targets from 100 yards back. They will be timed.

Nickolai is up first with the Barracuda FU-A11- The MG42 delivered an instant kill to one of the targets and a delayed kill on the second. The next stage, the target on the left was delivered another instant death blow, while the shooter had to stall to hit the other target on the right. While on the final stage, the shooter emptied the entire mag into the three targets, two instant kills and one delayed kill. Time: 0:53s

Next Jill takes aim with the FN Minimi- The MG took out the first two targets quickly and smooth enough. On the horde, the target on the right was hit but the target on the left was merely grazed. On the final three targets, each was hit, with ammo to spare. Time: 0:46s

Expert- The Barracuda got all the targets, but the Minimi was faster. However the Minimi missed a target which could prove costly. As for rounds, the Barracuda holds 125 rounds, while the Minimi has 200 rounds. Barracuda has a faster rate-of-fire, Minimi has more rounds, we'll stick to the test and give the Edge to the Barracuda, because they didn't miss.

Edge: Barracuda FU-A11

4. For explosive weapons, we pit the Hand Grenade against the Stick Grenade.

Tossed into a crowd of five zombies- The hand grenade killed 2 zombies, reduced 3 to crawlers and left the other 3 unharmed.

Tossed into a crowd of five zombies- The stick grenade killed 4 zombies, reduced 3 to crawlers and left only one unharmed.

Expert- The Stick Grenade has less roll and a bigger boom. Edge, Stick Grenade.

Edge: Stick Grenade

5. For special weapons, the punches get stronger as the Zeus Cannon and the M202A1 Flash are revealed.

Simulated on a cluster of distant targets at 60 ft- The M202A1 Flash took out a large mass of targets in a single shot, then finished off the rest with a second shot. With shots to spare.

Simulated on crowd of targets ranged point blank to 15 feet out- The Zeus Cannon killed each target up to 8.5 feet, while the rest 9-15 feet away were blown back with only as much as the wind knocked out of them.

Expert- The Zues Cannon is a very powerful weapon but is completely dedicated to short range. The Flash has greater range, same number of shots and has the same thunderous power. Edge, M202A1 Flash.

Edge: M202A1 Flash

6. For one final test, we will consider each warriors X-Factors.

For Tank, it's his hardy, mean, fighting spirit.
Killer Instinct- 90/100
Intelligence- 69/100
Audacity- 93/100
Brutality- 88/100
Physicality- 90/100

For Carlos, it's his wit, intelligence and modern weaponry.
Killer Instinct- 87/100
Intelligence- 75/100
Audacity- 86/100
Brutality- 68/100
Physicality- 79/100

Short Range- Bowie Knife

Mid Range- Predator Commando

Long Range- Barracuda FU-A11

Explosive- Stick Grenade

Special- M202A1 Flash

NOW that the data has been collected; WHO-IS-DEADLIEST?

Tank- 5
Carlos- 5
Zombies- 100

The Battle Begins in Kino Der Toten as a horde of zombies begin to close in on the theatre from all sides. Carlos, along with four other mercenaries cut through the back alley into the back entrance heading to the stage. On the other side of the theatre, Tank and four other marines kick open the door to the dressing room when they hear the shrieks of the zombie horde closing in. A zombie fell through the roof just in front of them and turned to charge at them. Tank took the butt of his rifle, knocking to the ground and stomping on it's head, killing it. It wasn't long till zombies began leaking in through the windows of the theatre. Tank's squad entered the theatre to turn on the power, but as one of his guys went after the switch, Carlos and his team turned the corner and, in a hair-trigger reaction, Carlos sprayed up the marine with his MP5 thinking he was a zombie.

Tank- 4
Carlos- 5
Zombies- 99

When Tank saw this, He was furious. In retaliation, Tank pull up his Predator Commando and returned fire at the mercenaries as they were trying to turn the power on. Carlos was successful and quickly dove into cover and the mercenaries accepted the challenge of the marine squad. Gunfire filled the air as the red curtain opened on the gunfight in motion, but it didn't last long. The two teams were so preoccupied with each other they forgot about the zombie horde, and it wasn't until one of the marines heard the shrieking coming from the dressing room behind them. When he saw a large group making their way towards them, he put aside the gun fight to kill some zombie scum.The marine spun around and sprayed up the zombies with his MG42 Barracuda FU-A11, and mowed down a large portion of the group. It didn't take long for Tank and the others to remember about the zombies and they began to rush out, with the mercenaries still shooting at them. Carlos ordered his squad to move out due to the horde that was  coming down from the stairway where they came. Carlos leaped off the stage and were not to far behind Tank's team. Tank looked back at Carlos before spinning around to shoot at him but Carlos was quick. Carlos dove out of the way just in time and Tank shot up one of the other mercenaries who was prepared to kill him as well. Tank and his team left the isle, up the stairs and went in groups of two in different directions with the mercenaries and the zombies close behind.

Tank- 4
Carlos- 4
Zombies- 79

Tank and one of his men ran through the lobby and up the left hand stairs, followed closely by Carlos and another mercenary. The mercenary turned to see the zombies flooding out of the theatre and closing in. Warning Carlos to pull up his gun, the mercenary shot at the zombies with the FN Minimi and managed to kill off quite a few of them while holding their ground. Meanwhile, Tank and the marine rushed to a stairway to get to the main floor, but also ran head first into a horde of zombies. Tank heard  the mercenaries coming from the lobby and went to "greet" them. Carlos and the mercenary finished off the undead that were following them and race up the stairs after the marines. Carlos followed his comrade up the stairs, but as they got to the door, Tank was standing there with the Zeus Cannon in hand. Tank fires a burst point blank at the mercenary, blowing both him and Carlos back down the stairs. The mercenary was killed instantly, but Carlos was just far enough away to survive the hit. As Tank left, Carlos got to his feet, picked up his comrades Minimi and left to go aid his other alleys.

Tank- 4
Carlos- 3
Zombies- 63

Through the alley, the marines come face to face with another crowd of zombies. One of the marines pulls out a Stick Grenade and throws it into the middle of the crowd. The crowd of zombies were blown all over the concrete. The marine who threw the grenade walked over to the mess and chuckled gleefully at his work. The mercenaries looked around the corner of the side door. One gave the nod to his comrade and the mercenary snuck out from the corner and took aim with the M202A1 Flash at the unsuspecting marines as they laughed at the butchered zombies. As the mercenary took aim, one of the marines turned to see him and instantly stopped laughing. When a rocket was fired, the marine ran to the other side of the open gate as his comrade finally realized what was going on and was blown apart. The mercenary took aim to fire another shot, but was stopped short when the other marine shot through the hole in the gate with his MG42 and killed him. The other shot at the marine with his MP5 as the marine took cover.

Tank- 3
Carlos- 2
Zombies- 45

Carlos turned the corner to the shoot out between the mercenary and the marine, and joined in the fire fight. Meanwhile, Tank and his comrade finished off half of the remaining zombies with the last few rounds from the Zeus Cannon. Tank threw aside the empty weapon as they went searching for who ever was left alive. The two men ended up cutting back through the dressing room to the theatre. There Tank and his comrade split up to get the enemy by surprise. Back at the fire fight, Carlos stops shooting for a moment and pulls out a Frag Grenade. He pulls the pin and throws it just as the marine comes out of cover. The marine failed to see the grenade in time and was blown over the fence.

Tank- 2
Carlos- 2
Zombies- 22

The mercenary laughed at the marines mistake, but stop quickly stopped as more zombies ran around the corner towards them. The man shot at the crowd but ran out of ammo and had to run, Carlos quickly followed after him. Meanwhile, Tank ended up running into the back of the horde and caught a glimpse of the mercenaries as they began to run. Tank fired a few shots at the him, and got him in the shoulder as they ran from the horde. Tank ran in the opposite direction to see if he could cut them off, with one zombie turning to following him. Carlos and the mercenary ran past the burning fence and back into the theatre. While Tank ran looking for his marine, a small group of zombies ambushed him from the stairwell. Tank stopped and opened fire on them, but one zombie was lucky enough to pull the gun out of his hands, leaving him unarmed. Without very many options, Tank unsheathed his Bowie Knife, and began slashing the zombies to ribbons, one at a time. Carlos and his ally ran into the theatre, where he activated a trap at the doorway, which killed all the following zombies. As Carlos turned to catch up to his ally, the marine jumped out from cover and shot the mercenary dead. The Marine turned to Carlos, but Carlos was quicker on the trigger and shot the marine. Carlos then dropped his gun, as he was completely out of ammo. Carlos turned to look at the burning zombies and chuckled. It wasn't until he heard an unpleasant shriek that he stopped.

Tank- 1
Carlos- 1
Zombies- 1

Carlos turned to see the last zombie walk towards him. Carlos put his knife up, ready to strike, but was shocked to see Tank walk up behind the zombie and brutishly slashed it across the back of the neck with his knife, killing it. Tank glared menacingly at Carlos, who unsheathed his Combat Knife, preparing for a fight. The two men circled each other with their knives ready. Tank  made the first move, with a horizontal slash at Carlos's chest. Carlos jumped back then shot forward with a downward stab. Tank grabbed his arm and slashed him twice across the chest and stomach. Carlos stumbled a bit before catching balance as an enraged Tank moved closer. Carlos slashed wildly at Tank and eventually cut him across the face. Tank put his hand on the cut and examined the blood. The rage that Tank felt earlier was nothing now, Carlos's fate was sealed. Tank let out a war cry and charged Carlos. He made stab to Carlos's gut, but Carlos quickly moved out of the way and slashed Tanks side. When Carlos quickly went in for another stab, but Tank kicked him back and followed up with another slash. Carlos goes in for another stab but Tank again catches his arm then head-butts him. Dazed for a second, Carlos was left open for direct stab to the gut. Tank stabbed him another 4 times, before throwing Carlos off the stage to die. Victorious, Tank threw his fist with knife into the air and roared "Ooraaaaaaahhhhh".

Tank- 1
Carlos- 0
Zombies- 0

Winner: Tank
- Out of a thousand battles, Tank won 56.9% of the time. The factor in this fight really came down to Tank's brutal and audacious fighting style. Tank also had better battlefield experience to the 26 year old mercenary. Despite the fact that Carlos was smarter and a little more sane, he was incapable of acting coordinately while facing the zombie obstacle as well as the ruthless marine that is Tank Dempsey.

Killer Instinct- Tank- 90
Intelligence- Carlos- 75
Audacity- Tank- 93
Physicality- Tank- 90

Tank Dempsey: 569

Bowie Knife- 46

Predator Commando- 278

Barracuda FU-A11- 150

Stick Grenade- 22

Zeus Cannon- 73

Carlos Oliveira: 431

Combat Knife- 23

MP5- 174

FN Minimi- 129

Hand Grenade- 19

M202A1 Flash- 86

Expert- You can't underestimate a guy who did some of the most horrifying things to people.... while they were still alive and to do it again while they were dead.

Nickolai- Maybe someday Tank and I shall drink to this victory...............Someday.

(We see Tank salute the American Flag while in a crowd of butchered enemies.)

The End.
Season 2 of Deadliest Game Warrior kicks off with a battle between two of the most notable zombie slaying badasses in gaming: Tank Dempsey and Carlos Oliviera.

Next Week:
An ongoing battle between good and evil takes a turn in a new direction as Warhammer's Tyranid Hive Tyrant takes on the leader of the Autobots: Optimus Prime in the first battle of the giants. Who will be.......... The Deadliest Game Warrior?
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